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Dan Beeman’s enthusiasm for the sport of Pickleball is amazing as evidenced by him naming his place in Palm Desert, California the Pickleball Palace.  When I talked to him I definitely felt like he is the Renaissance Man of the game as he is not only an ambassador and instructor but he also wrote his master’s thesis on Pickleball and an award winning comedy movie script on the sport.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How a car accident and yoga led Dan to Pickleball
  • Why Pickleball is great for his skin disease (Vitiligo – the same one Michael Jackson had )
  • Why Pickleball is like a yellow volkswagon
  • Dan’s Pickleball palace and who has stayed there
  • How resorts without Pickleball are losing money
  • The Pickleball movie comedy Dan wrote, the awards it’s won, and who he wants to star in it
  • Where you can read the script for the movie
  • Dan’s Pickleball fundraiser for special forces

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