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Louis Laville thought Pickleball sounded ridiculous when his mom first described the game to him.  But fast forward a couple of years and Louis is now a pro player in England and ambassador promoting the sport.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Louis thought about Pickleball when his mom first described the game to him
  • What surprised him when he went to watch the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships
  • Where people play Pickleball in England and what Louis projects for the future of the sport in his country
  • How Louis trained during the long COVID-19 lock down in England
  • What happened when he set up a Pickleball court in his parents living room
  • Who Louis practices and partners with in the sport
  • What he is doing to help grow the game of Pickleball in England
  • Tournament play in Europe and which professional tour is going across the pond
  • Louis plans for competing in tournaments in the USA

Mentioned in the Show

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International Federation of Pickleball

Association of Professional Pickleball 

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