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Venise Chan has had to go through a lot to be able to play Pickleball.  That is because the game is just starting to flourish where she lives in Hong Kong.  But Venise does everything she can to compete at the highest level both in Asia and the U.S.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Which top female Pickleball player introduced Venise to the game of Pickleball
  • Why she had a gap between playing professional tennis and playing Pickleball for the first time
  • When people started playing Pickleball in Hong Kong
  • Why Venise had to go back to Hong Kong sooner than expected when playing some tournaments in the U.S. this past summer
  • Why she decided to play at the professional level in her first U.S. tournaments and who her partners were
  • What is challenging for Venise when playing Pickleball
  • Who she trains with in Hong Kong and why she expects the level of competition to increase in the coming years
  • What it was like playing in the men’s singles division in her first tournament in Asia

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