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Jason Garriotte has found his two passions in life: music and Pickleball.  Learn how he plans to juggle them as he plays regularly on the professional tour next year.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Pickleball is harder and more complicated than people expect
  • What Jason did to try to determine if he was a 5.0 level player or professional
  • His goal for next years tournament season and how he plans to fund the event and travel costs
  • What Jason’s musical influences are, how he starting singing at open mic events and writing songs
  • How he plans to combine his music and Pickleball career
  • How Jason is helping high level tennis players transition to Pickleball
  • Why his transition to Pickleball was even easier than for most tennis players
  • Singles strategy and what shot you should rarely hit to top-level pros
  • Jason’s challenge in writing a Pickleball song

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