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I knew this was going to be a fun interview and Patrick Sullivan, Jr. and Ashley Leroux from Jigsaw Health.  If you haven’t seen their Pickleball commercials than you are in for a treat.  If you have seen their commercials with top professionals then you know this is going to be fun!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Patrick and Ashley call their major life enhancement
  • How the company Jigsaw Health started and how long ago it was founded
  • What CEO really stands for and what are Patrick and Ashley’s roles in the company
  • How they develop the story ideas for the Jigsaw Health commercials
  • Which pros have acted in a commercial, who has done the most, and which one is the fan favorite
  • How Jigsaw Health turns Pickleball professionals into actors
  • What the Jigsaw Pickleball stack is and how it helps with cramps
  • Who influenced Patrick and Ashley to get into sports marketing and whether they are considering doing more of it for other sports
  • What the Pickleball parrot is and how it helps the game of Pickleball

Mentioned in the Show

Jigsaw Health

Pickleball Parrot

I Wanna Dink With Someone (Whitney Houston Parody) – I don’t think this was mentioned in the show but it is uplifting and hillarious!

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