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If you want the low down on the plans for getting Pickleball to the Olympics than this is a must listen to episode with the President of the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), Pat Murphy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The partnership between Pickleball Fire’s Magazine and Podcast and the IFP
  • How Pat started his involvement with international Pickleball
  • The beginnings of the IFP and how many countries have become members in the last two years
  • How Pickleball can become an Olympic sport and how the IFP is leading the efforts
  • Learnings from the success and failures of other sports trying to become part of the Olympic Games
  • What Pickleball for the World does and how it helps other countries
  • What the IFP offers in terms of membership and certification programs for instructors
  • The IFP’s plans to help design and operate a 60 court facility and where it will be located
  • The International Hall of Fame and its fund raising efforts
  • Who helps Pat with social media for the IFP and the plans for its future

Mentioned in the Show

International Federation of Pickleball Website

Eastward Management Company


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