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Professional Pickleball player Thaddea Lock has a great story about how she started playing Pickleball.  Plus she talks about her three rules of Pickleball every player should know and the two-handed backhand.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Which top professional introduced Thaddea to Pickleball
  • How she learned her rating and what that meant to Pickleball in England
  • How an illness impacted Thaddea’s tennis game and what that meant for her involvement in Pickleball
  • What she accomplished in her first Pickleball tournament
  • How and when to hit a two-handed backhand in Pickleball
  • Thaddea’s three rules of Pickleball and which one lower level players often don’t use
  • How she helps promote Pickleball in Europe

Mentioned in the Show

Onix Pickleball

International Federation of Pickleball

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