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From time to time I like to talk about things which are kind of off the beaten path.   Today Dotti Berry and Sally Marshal are going to talk about Bemer therapy and how it can help your recovery and healing from injuries.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Bemer, and how it works
  • How the FDA-approved medical device helps recovery after playing Pickleball
  • Which professional Pickleball players use Bemer
  • How many minutes each day you should use the device, and how it has other benefits for you beyond recovery
  • How Bemer can help with chronic injuries or one that has just occurred
  • How much does the device cost, and what is the add on options

Mentioned in the Show  888-440-9780

For more information about BEMER, click below:

Feeling AGELESS is FUN!™ Bio-Hack your blood flow and aging process so you can remember how good it feels to feel good!

Hurt Less, Play Great >> Hear what PROS Tyson McGuffin and Callie Smith say about the impact of BEMER on their lives on and off the court!!

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