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Dayne Gingrich is one of the top senior professionals in the game and he has incredible self-belief on the court.  However, a few years ago he has some off-court struggles where he almost ended it all.  This is a powerful episode where we talk about belief, self-awareness, and mental toughness.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Dayne didn’t realize the first time he played Pickleball
  • What it means to be a mental toughness coach
  • What separates Ben Johns, the number one Pickleball player in the world, from other professionals
  • Why Dayne doesn’t like the word “pressure” and how to play well in the big moments
  • Dayne’s off-court struggles 10 plus years ago and what he almost did because of them
  • How you can develop belief in yourself on and off the court
  • The importance of self-awareness and how you should use it in your game

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