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The ATP, the Erne, and the Joey.  These are three shots you should master to take your game to the next level.  Joe Valenti and I discuss all three in this episode, including the one named after him.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the family business started selling Pickleball paddles back in 2010 and why they introduced so many customers to the game
  • Why Rochester, NY is a hotbed of Pickleball and why the game has been played in the schools for years
  • Why Joe and Jennifer Lucore made a trip from Seattle to a secret Pickleball court nearby
  • Which shot is named after Joey and how he made it famous
  • How to play defense against someone who hits an Erne and what an Erne is
  • When to hit an around the post-shot and how to prevent your opponent from hitting one

Mentioned in the Show

The Joey Shot Video

Push Yourself Website

History of Pickleball: More than 50 Years of Fun

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