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I can tell Nicole Havlicek of Primetime Pickleball does a great deal of on-court teaching and instruction through her online Dominating Doubles Course. She goes in-depth on a few myths of Pickleball which you often hear from others when giving you Pickleball advice.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What helped Nicole transition from tennis to Pickleball
  • Why she struggled against better players when she first started playing Pickleball
  • How to handle advice from other players
  • When to hit a third shot drop versus drive or lob
  • The number one skill you should be practicing
  • Does Pickleball have a no-person’s land like tennis?
  • Whether you should move off the kitchen line to play more defensive
  • What playing good defense does to your opponent

Mentioned in the Show

Dominating Doubles

Prime Time Pickleball


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