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A lot has happened in the six months since I interviewed Shea Underwood.  Hear how his journey is going on the way to becoming a professional Pickleball player and get some great tips on how to master the one-handed spin serve.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What Shea has been doing the last six months and why he withdrew from all tournaments
  • Why it is important to watch yourself on video
  • How Shea uses his background as a college football player to make drilling in Pickleball interesting
  • How he is planning his future tournament schedule and what is surprising about it
  • What are the three things you need as a professional Pickleball player
  • What he is doing to support his Pickleball endeavors
  • Why does he want to become a pilot
  • How to hit the one-handed spin serve and its use in tournaments


Mentioned in the Show

Shea Underwood Road to Pro Youtube Channel

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