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Tom Davidson’s nine-year-old daughter loves the game of Pickleball.  But she finds not many kids are playing the sport yet.  So Tom started the Amateur Pickleball Association (APA) which has a great program for not only kids but parents.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The unusual reason why Tom’s children like to play Pickleball more than tennis
  • How Tom is driving the growth of Pickleball for kids
  • What is the mission of the APA
  • Why the tournament format for kids is not based on elimination
  • What are the three divisions in APA tournaments, and how the format allows parents to spend time with their kids
  • Why the APA starts each Saturday tournament with a clinic
  • Where the APA tournaments are hosted
  • How Tom is spreading the word about the APA

Mentioned in the Show

APA Website

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