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Spin is becoming more and more important to the game of Pickleball.  So video creator Chris Olson set out to make a couple of videos on the topic with one being instructional in nature and the other assessing which paddles can impart the most spin.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Chris did not think his friend should beat him in Pickleball despite it being the first time he played
  • What is speedcubing and how is it similar to Pickleball
  • What is different about the Pickleball videos Chris produces compared to other content creators
  • What goes into making a paddle review video
  • What is his most popular video, and how he had a scientific approach to it
  • What is the relationship between a gritty paddle and the spin it can impart on a ball
  • What is the long-term future for Chris with Pickleball

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