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I know many of the outdoor courts in my area do not have lights for playing at night. But have you ever thought about playing with a lighted Pickleball? Corky Newcomb, who invented the lighted golf ball in 1985, talks about how much fun it is to play with a lighted Pickleball and create a fun event using them.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Corky started producing lighted Pickleballs for nighttime play and what is involved in their construction
  • What are the benefits of playing with lighted Pickleballs
  • What was the first Pickleball event that used a lighted ball
  • How long do the balls last, and can you replace the light stick
  • How much do the balls cost, and where you can purchase them

Mentioned in the Show

Lite4Nite Pickleball

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