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Mark Napartovich could not play table tennis and badminton due to an injury to his right shoulder. So, he started playing Pickleball left-handed, eventually becoming a senior professional. In this episode, we talk a lot about spin (especially side spin and underspin), as this is something Mark mastered in table tennis, and it is a tactic that can help your Pickleball game.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How an injury led Mark to Pickleball and what he thought of the game before he started playing
  • What is preventing him from getting to the medal stand as a senior professional
  • How Mark is the opposite of most players when it comes to power and spin
  • How tactics from badminton can help your Pickleball game
  • How to hit side spin and in which situations it can be a real advantage
  • What is the unusual kids toy that can help you learn to put a spin on the ball

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