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Bend your knees Louise, step back Jack. I love how this short rhymes can help your Pickleball game. Authors Jackie Freeman & Karen Worthy have brought them to life in a Pickleball primer for children of all ages and grandparents of course.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Jackie and Karen came up with the title of their Pickleball book
  • Why you should bend your knees when you are at the kitchen line
  • What age groups do the book target and why you might be surprised
  • How schools and community centers are using the book to educate kids
  • What resources are available on the book’s website to help teachers, parents, students, and Pickleball players
  • Which professional Pickleball players have endorsed the book

Mentioned in the Show

Bend Your Knees Louise Website

Bend Your Knees, Louise, on Amazon


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