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Mark Livingston is a certified Pickleball coach through 3 different organizations and will soon become a Certified Rating Specialist.  During the podcast he talks about his coaching philosophy and how it can help move your game to the next level.  Mark has also discusses The Coach Mark Workout© which is a a series of drills and drill games to improve your performance on the court.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Pickleball is not just tennis on a smaller court
  • How Mark developed his coaching philosophy and how it can help your game
  • The Coach Mark Workout© video drills, drill games and which one is his favorite
  • How The 3 C’s of Pickleball influence your game
  • How Mark is working on developing his doubles strategy and how he plans to use this knowledge
  • Why Mark has decided to become a Certified Skills Rater for Pickleball

Mentioned in the Show

The Coach Mark Workout© video drills

Dynamite Doubles Video Course

Vulcan V530

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