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In this episode, I talk with Kyle Selinko, who does a full production live stream for the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP).  Kyle discusses the challenges of both Pickleball and live streaming for the pro tour.  He has a great perspective on the growth of Pickleball including his two very ambitious goals for the sport and what it will take to achieve them.

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • What almost stopped Kyle from becoming a Pickleball player
  • His personality and how it helped him get from a player with no racket skills background to a 5.0 player
  • How Kyle pivoted when he realized he wasn’t going to be a top professional player
  • What it took to develop an eight camera full production live stream
  • The challenges of keeping the scoreboard correct when doing a full production live stream and the changes he is making for 2021
  • Kyle’s two very ambitious goals for Pickleball’s growth and what it will take to achieve them
  • Where he will be travelling as he does the live streaming for the APP tour
  • How Kyle’s perseverance and relentlessness benefit him on and off the court

Kyle Selinko

Mentioned in the Show

APP Tour

Pickleball England


Onix Evoke Premier

Boxcar Productions




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