As Pickleball players we have hundreds of Pickleball paddles to choose from.  More come on the market each month so it’s hard to know which one too choose.  Since I’m in the market for a new paddle, I did an exhaustive review of Pickleball paddles to understand which ones consistently have great reviews across the internet.  What I found is that the best pickleball paddle for one person may not just right for someone else.  So, in this review of Pickleball paddles, I tried to identify the top paddle in each category.

By category, I identified the Onix Z5 as the best value.  This is the paddle I started with and it is a favorite of beginning and intermediate players.  The paddle I choose as the best overall is the Engage Encore Pro.  It has a long history and great review from players of all levels.  I also found the Selkirk Invikta, as the 2nd place overall, is coming on strong after its debut in 2017.  The 3rd and 4th place paddles overall are the Engage Poach Advantage (which debuted last year) and the Prolite Magnum.

The rest of the paddles in this review of Pickleball paddles are more specialized.  The Gamma Needle is great for those needing more reach.  The Prince Response Pro is the best for control.  The Rally Tyro 2 is great for beginners while the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a favorite of pros.  Are you a tennis player?  Check out the Elite Pro Maverick.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best pickleball paddles in the market along with a few of their attributes.  First, here is an overall summary and then much more detail later in this review of Pickleball paddles.

Onix Graphite Z5 – Our Value Pick

Head to any pickleball tournament, and you’re sure to see the Graphite Z5 paddle in the hands of many players out there. It’s what some players call the ‘comfort paddle’ with a really solid feel that’s light to the touch.

The best part is that this paddle is ideal for players of all levels, whether you’re looking to master the basics or refine the hardest shots.  It’s our value pick in this review of Pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The Graphite Z5 is built for superior touch and feel, giving players who wield it unimaginable control over the ball. The Z5 is special because the handle on this paddle mimics the handle used on a tennis racquet. This gives the paddle unmatched maneuverability. For those transitioning from tennis to pickleball, there is no paddle that can make the transition easier than the Graphite Z5.

Onix also offers a composite version of the Z5 which weighs roughly an ounce more and offers better power. However, for all intents and purposes, the Graphite Z5 from Onix is a paddle that focuses on control. Still, it delivers concentrated power to put the ball away.

Weight and Dimensions

The Graphite Z5 has an average weight of 7.9 oz, with paddles ranging between 7.5 and 8.2 oz. This mid-weight design makes the paddle ideal for those looking for a decent mix of power and control. The light weight of the Z5 also makes this paddle a lot easier to get used to.  Players claim that it takes roughly two to three games to break into this paddle.

The paddle comes at a length of 15.5” and a width of 8.125” which may seem like less reach, but the wider paddle surface helps distribute the sweet spot, allowing for better ball control.


At a length of 5”, the grip on the Z5 offers enough space for easy maneuvering. Couple this with the tennis-racquet style design and the Z5 is a paddle that gives players the opportunity to play a range of shots.

A grip circumference of 4.25” makes this paddle a comfortable companion during your games, and the perforated-style cushion adds to the comfort.

Core and Surface

Unlike most other advanced paddles today, the Z5 uses the traditional nomex honeycomb core that was first used in manufacturing modern paddles. Nomex is an extremely durable material and makes for a hard surface that offers a fair bit of power.

This nomex honeycomb core coupled with the wide surface helps to amplify the power of this paddle. This nomex core is then covered with a graphite face which helps to counterbalance the weight of the paddle and allows for an exceptional spin, feel, and ball control. It’s a deadly combination!


Graphite happens to be the ideal surface for putting spin on the ball, and the Z5 allows for plenty of topspin and backspin. Even players just starting out can learn the tricky art of spinning with the help of the Z5.

Most customers claim that the Z5 is perfect for those with a more controlled style of play, but can lack a bit of power. So if you’re focused on a more aggressive playing style, the composite version of the Z5 would be ideal.

Engage Encore Pro – Best Overall

The Encore Pro is our best overall pick in this review of Pickleball paddles. It is a paddle that offers characteristics desired by the top players in the game. It’s got the superior quality offered by the Encore line of paddles.  These are used by the top players in the game, including Brian Staub and Marcin Rozpedski. With a larger sweet spot than the legacy Encore paddles, the Encore Pro is sure to give you a totally different experience.

Power vs. Control

The Encore line of paddles offers Engage’s specialized skin surface. The skin, combined with the core, offers a surface that allows for the maximum roughness and deflection allowed by the USAPA.

Such a surface offers unmatched control, ball placement and spin thanks to the roughness. The surface of the Encore Pro also maximizes the amount of time the ball stays on the surface of the paddle. This gives it a soft touch and allows players to spin, dip, and place the ball with incredible accuracy.

Thanks to the deflection it offers, the Encore Pro also has enough ‘pop’, allowing players to easily put the ball away when required.

Weight and Dimensions

The Encore Pro falls in a heavier weight range, with the paddle weighing between 7.8 and 8.3 oz. This heavier weight adds to the power of the paddle while coupling it with the traditional superior control that only the Encore line can offer.

A length of 15.5” and a width of 8.125” creates a paddle surface that offers a large sweet spot that can be manipulated easily. These dimensions, along with the paddle construction offer a combination of control, power, and accuracy that’s rare among paddles these days.


A circumference of 4.25” and a length of 4.75” makes for a tighter grip. This gives players a feeling of ‘solidity’ in the paddle. This translates to better transference of power during game play. The shorter grip also gives the paddle an organic feel. This makes it feel like an extension of your arm at times.

Core and Surface

As with the other paddles on the Encore line, the Encore Pro comes with a special polymer honeycomb infused with ControlPro technology for vibration control and superior feel.

This polymer honeycomb core is covered with a specialized ‘proprietary’ fiberglass skin that offers an unmatched roughness for ridiculously accurate control. This fiberglass surface also optimizes deflection,.  This makes it a lot easier to return powerful shots while keeping the ball on the surface long enough for added control and ball placement.


The Encore Pro was built on the tenets of ‘spin’ ‘control’, and ‘ball placement’, and is perhaps one of the best paddles out there for spin. The grittiness on the surface gives players ample room for topspin and backspin while allowing them to place the ball as accurately as possible.

Most customers claim to love the color options on this paddle – black, red, purple, and green. Avid pickleball players love the feel of the paddle. They can’t compare it to any other paddle on the market, except other paddles in the Encore line.

Elite Pro Maverick: Great for Tennis Players

Engage decided to take the Elite Pro Composite and further refine its design. What resulted was the Elite Pro Maverick.  It is our best pick for tennis players in this review of Pickleball paddles

Power vs. Control

The ratio of length to width in the Maverick makes for a paddle that offers a much larger sweet spot. The large size and sweet spot help to provide superior control to players using the Maverick.

Remember, how we said Engage conducts ‘experiments’ every week or so? Well, the Maverick is a product of these random experiments.  It is a paddle that offers an unmatched mix of power and control to elevate any player’s game to the next level.

Weight And Dimensions

The Maverick is similar in weight to the Composite, with a LITE model between 7.3 and 7.8 oz and the standard model falling between 7.9 and 8.3 oz. The LITE version offers better control while the standard model enhances power.

However, the ideal length to width ratio of the paddle surface provides a larger sweet spot and offers solidity.  This makes it much easier to block shots and stay in control of the game.

As for getting used to the paddle, just like the Elite Pro Composite, the Maverick can feel like a paddle you’ve played with all your life, even in the first few games!

With the Maverick, Engage also decided to lengthen the paddle to 16.5 inches and keep the width at 7.5 inches.


Just like the Composite, the Maverick comes with a grip circumference of 4 ¼”, enough room to exert additional power or control if required.

Unlike the composite, however, the Maverick has a lengthier grip. This 6” grip helps to create more torque during your shots, allowing you to generate more power and spin to keep the ball in. In addition, two-handed players would find this paddle far more comfortable to play with than most other paddles. The length and the perforated cushion surface of the grip allow for superior comfort and playability.  It gives you enough control to play in your preferred style.

Core and Surface

The Maverick also uses chemically bonded material to create Engage’s unique ‘liquid graphite’ paddle surface, for superior feel. The core used in this paddle is a polymer honeycomb infused with Engage’s vibration control technology, to dampen the impact of the ball.

Along with the design used by the Composite, the Maverick uses Engage’s ‘Variable Release Flex Technology’. This technology helps to create more spin and flex in the paddle, allowing for a wider range of shots. Aside from power and control, the Maverick is also designed to control spin at higher speeds, ensuring that you keep the ball in the court, even during the most intense games.


Most graphite paddles do not generate as much spin as other materials. However, the ‘Variable Release Flex Technology’ mentioned earlier helps to combat this problem while retaining the benefits that comes with a graphite paddle surface.

This makes the Maverick an excellent paddle for players of a variety of playing styles, and at all levels of the game.

Most customers can’t imagine the unique bundle of qualities that this paddle comes with. And for those with larger palms or a two-handed playing style, the Maverick is truly a godsend.

Gamma Needle – Best for Reach

The Gamma Polycore Paddle, nicknamed ‘the needle’ is one lengthy paddle that proves that paddle reach can be improved without sacrificing the sweet spot. The sweet spot on this slim paddle is a little higher up. So players transitioning from tennis will love the reach and feel of this paddle.  The paddle is our pick for best reach in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

Weighing in at around 7.6 oz, the Gamma Needle is perfect for those looking to play quick shots at the kitchen line. It’s designed to offer unmatched control. The extended reach on the needle helps to play shots that may otherwise seem out of bounds.

The balance on the paddle has been carefully tuned to ensure that, even with the much larger head size, the paddle doesn’t get too top-heavy. This mid-weight design ensures that the paddle stays maneuverable and can be easily handled.

This engineering, coupled with a graphite face provides maximum ball feel and control, while of course, sacrificing some power.

Weight and Dimensions

At a weight of 7.6 oz, the needle falls in the mid-weight range, making it easier to handle while still packing enough power to put the ball away.

At 16⅝”, the needle offers a much longer surface than most other paddles. This enables players to go after any kind of shot without sacrificing their position or limiting power. A width of 7⅛” makes the paddle slim enough to balance out the extended length. This still leaves enough room to return shots while extending the sweet spot throughout the length of the paddle.


The Gamma Needle has a smaller grip length than most other paddles, at just 4¼”, with a circumference of 4⅛”. The smaller grip area creates a feeling of solidity while holding the paddle, enabling players to make more nuanced shots with ease. The paddle also comes with a perforated, ribbed, cushion grip for added comfort and stability.

Core and Surface

Gamma imbued their ‘Sensa Polycore’ technology into this paddle, allowing it to dampen vibration from shots played by more aggressive opponents. This helps players to dictate the pace of the game and return powerful shots with better control and accuracy.

The Gamma Needle uses a graphite surface on the face, which allows for incredible feel and ball control. The polycore technology combined with this graphite surface makes for a paddle that’s easy to maneuver and provides superior feel.


A paddle that offers superior comfort and feel would be useless if it didn’t allow players to generate spin on the ball. The graphite surface helps to enhance the amount of spin players can put on the ball, allowing you to create the illusion that the ball is going long while actually causing it to dip.

The sensa polycore aids in ball placement as well, so you can send your spins to precise locations on court.

Most customers will agree that while the Needle does not offer the power that most other paddles do, the superior feel makes up for this by allowing them to take control of the game.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – Favorite of the Pros

The Wave Pro, an incredible upgrade from the Tempest Wave, offers unparalleled accuracy while adding power to the paddle. This combination can really help take your pickleball skills to a whole new level in just a few games.  The paddle is our pick for being a favorite of pros in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The Tempest Wave Pro uses SRT (Smart Response Technology) in the construction of its core. This technology strengthens the feel and sensitivity of the paddle to phenomenal levels. As a result, the Wave Pro offers unmatched accuracy and ball placement, allowing players to easily take advantage of opponents when they’re off positions.

However, as a bonus, the SRT also retains a fair bit of power in the paddle, allowing you to play smashes and deflect shots from the opponent when the need arises.

Weight and Dimensions

The Tempest Wave Pro comes at an average weight of 7.6 oz, providing enough heaviness to put the ball away while staying light enough for easy maneuverability.

A total length of roughly 16” (15⅞” to be exact) coupled with a larger width of 8” offers a much larger sweet spot, allowing for smooth return no matter where the ball lands on the paddle surface.

The Tempest Wave Pro comes with two gripping options. The larger cushioned grip adds a weight of roughly .2 oz, making the paddle slightly heavier for those who require more power. All it takes is a few games to get adjusted to this beauty.


A modest grip length of 5¼’ makes this paddle easy maneuverable, giving you enough room for wrist action as well.

The grip circumference differs based on whether you’re opting for a thick, cushioned grip or a thinner grip. The cushioned grip has a circumference of 4¾” offering more solidity, while the thinner grip of 4¼” improves playability.

Core and Surface

A polymer honeycomb core imbued with smart response technology makes the Tempest Wave Pro a paddle that offers unmatched accuracy and ball placement. The feel and sensitivity of the paddle allows players to quite easily control the pace of the game and keep opponents on their toes.

A graphite paddle face enhances this feel and control, creating a paddle that’s quite deadly on the court.


The graphite face on this paddle gives players the option of playing a wide range of spin shots from any spot on the court. The SRT technology also imbues the paddle with enough power to play these spin shots more offensively, like never before. The large sweet spot, core, and surface makes for a paddle that’s excellent for dinks and allows players to generate an enormous amount of topspin and backspin during shots.

Most players who have tried the Tempest Wave Pro often compare it to the Tempest Wave and remark on the enhanced power that this paddle has to offer while still retaining the feel and control of the former.

Prince Response Pro – Best for Control

Giving pickleball paddles a revolutionary new look, the rounded Prince Response Pro was first used by the famous Simone Jardim in the 2018 US Open in Naples, Florida. This superb paddle helped her win four gold medals, including gold in women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and the women’s singles events.  The paddle is our pick for best control in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The Prince Response Pro comes with an extra thick polymer honeycomb core which helps to disperse impact felt by the ball, enabling better control and ball responsiveness. However, the core along with the rounded paddle surface makes for a paddle that reacts to and compliments every kind of playing style. So whether you’re looking to take control of the game or put your opponent off balance with a power shot, the Prince Response Pro gives you ample opportunity.

Weight and Dimensions

This paddle comes in two weight ranges – a lightweight range between 7.2 and 7.7 oz and a heavier weight range between 7.8 and 8.3 oz. Each weight category can be combined with a small or large grip size, based on your style of play.

A paddle length of 15¾” allows for extended reach, while a width of 8¼” creates a sweet spot that’s large enough to provide a superior feel all over the paddle face. This feel is accentuated by the circular face of the paddle.


A grip length of 5.5” offers ample space for players to adjust their style of play as required. And if you’re fond of two-handed shots, like Simone Jardim, the Prince Response Pro is one paddle you will love.

You also have two options when it comes to grip circumference – 4¼” and 4¾”, both with perforated-style cushioned grips to maximize comfort while playing.

Core and Surface

The thick polymer honeycomb core of this paddle offers enough dampening to control vibrations from the ball while giving you an unmatched feel while enhancing ball placement.

The paddle surface is covered with textured, UV coated fiberglass which helps to generate ample spin and is extremely responsive to the playing style of its user.

Combined with the rounded design, the core and face offer the largest sweet spot, from side to side and from the tip of the paddle all the way to the base of the neck.


The Prince Response Pro is built for responsiveness, feel, and ball control. While the textured surface does offer a fair amount of spin, the paddle focuses more exclusively on ball control and feel.

So generating topspin with this paddle might be a challenge unless you’re a more advanced player. However, for players who are used to making more nuanced shots, this paddle is perfect as it allows you to exercise maximum power while retaining ball control during fast-paced games.

Most customers love the feel and responsiveness provided by this paddle and claim that it has the largest sweet spot ever created on a pickleball paddle. Some players have mentioned, however, that the smaller grip size can cause the paddle to feel a bit head heavy, which can alter your style of play.

Rally Tyro 2 Composite – Great for Beginners

The Rally Tyro 2 is the dream paddle of every beginner pickleball player out there. This premium quality paddle is built from top-quality materials but comes at a price that is quite unbelievable considering the playability and benefits the paddle offers.  The paddle is our pick for best for beginners in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The previous version of the Rally Tyro was simply too light, and while it provided great control and feel, it sorely lacked the power and ‘pop’ required to put the ball away.

The Rally Tyro 2 comes at a more sensible weight (still extremely light), allowing you to maneuver quickly when you’re at the nets while still providing enough pop to send the ball flying even when you’re at the baseline.

The composite face and polymer core offer a paddle that easily absorbs impact, allowing you to redirect the ball in any way that you wish. While the paddle does relinquish a fair bit of power due to its lightweight design, the control it offers makes up for this disadvantage.

Weight and Dimensions

The Rally Tyro 2 weighs on average between 6.7 to 7.0 oz, creating an extremely lightweight paddle that helps to prevent fatigue from setting in early on in the game.

A paddle length of 15⅝” and a width of 7¾” offers plenty of reach and a large enough sweet spot for added responsiveness.


The Rally Tyro 2, with a grip length of 5” gives players enough room to maneuver which adds to the superior feel of the paddle. This feature offers incredible control and ball placement, helping you dictate the pace of the game when required.

The paddle also comes with a grip circumference of 4”, which creates a much righter, solid feel while playing.

Core and Surface

While this paddle may be in the premium range, it doesn’t employ any special technology in the core and surface. However, the .5” polymer core offers a much harder surface that can greatly enhance control and performance during the game.

This polymer core is reinforced with a polymer composite face which provides superior feel and durability to the paddle.


While the polymer composite surface offers great feel and responsiveness, it may be a little difficult to generate adequate spin on the ball using this paddle. However, the polymer core and thin grip provide superior control, and those with a better understanding of pickleball techniques should still be able to generate enough spin on the ball.

Most customers will agree that while it isn’t one of the best paddles out there, the Rally Tyro 2 is ideal for beginner pickleball players and those looking to get their first premium-quality paddle.

Selkirk Invikta – Overall 2nd Place

The Amped Invikta from the famous Selkirk has been designed according to specifications provided by national champion Tyson McGuffin. As a result, you’ve got a paddle that offers superior reach and power while giving you enough versatility to react to any kind of situation in-game.  The paddle is our overall 2nd place pick in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

Unlike most elongated paddles, the Invikta also comes with a longer handle, allowing you to make full use of the paddle. This enlarges the sweet spot as well, providing superior control over ball dynamics and helping you return shots with ease.

And while the Invikta offers such a versatile style of play, it does so without sacrificing power. So, on one hand, you have a paddle that gives you superior ball control, while on the other, you can still pack a powerful swing into every shot with this paddle.

Weight and Dimensions

The Invikta comes in two weight ranges – a lightweight model with an average of 7.3 to 7.8 oz and a standard model between 7.9 and 8.4 oz. The standard model is heavy enough to give more aggressive players the extra weight needed for powerful smashes.

With a length of 16½” and a width of 7.375”, the Invikta is a paddle offering extended reach while still maintaining the sweet spot throughout the surface.


At a length of 5¼”, the handle on the Invikta offers excellent maneuverability and makes space for two-handed backhand swings when required. This handle is available in two circumferences – 4” and 4¼”, both of which can be availed with or without a cushioned grip.

The handle length coupled with the thin grip circumference makes for a paddle that offers unmatched maneuverability and gives players the opportunity to play a range of nuanced shots.

Core and Surface

The X5 polymer honeycomb core on the Invikta offers vibration control, allowing players to accurately deflect powerful shots without losing balance or position. This thick core also helps to pack enough power to put the ball away.

This thick polymer core and the large surface area on the face helps to maximize weight distribution, making your shots feel more intentional and solid.

The Invikta also comes with a FiberFlex, unidirectional face, which is capable of responding to your playing style based on the type of swing. This unidirectional face also allows a better ball feel and gives you the advantage of supreme responsiveness over your opponent.


Selkirk’s Invikta uses a unidirectional face that is quite smooth in comparison to other paddles of similar dimensions. However, the extended reach gives you enough room to put ample spin on the ball when necessary. This, coupled with a large sweet spot, gives players an advantage over those with a more aggressive style thanks to the fact that you can generate enough spin while placing the ball exactly where you want it to be.

Most customers who got the Invikta will agree that there are few paddles that can so efficiently combine control, power, and feel into an elongated surface without sacrificing maneuverability. And while the paddle has been recommended for the pros, many beginner players decided to get one and they absolutely love it! That’s right, this is one paddle that works at all levels of the game.

Engage Poach Advantage – Overall 3rd Place

Engage, along with most of the top players in the game, claims that the Poach Advantage is one of the most technologically-advanced paddles out there today. And they’re not far from the truth.  The paddle is our overall 3rd place pick in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The Poach Advantage comes with Engage’s patented ‘Variable Release Technology’. This technology is the result of a combination of a black polymer core along with a 6-layered skin surface. As a result, unlike regular paddles which are categorized simply as ‘control’ or ‘power’ paddles, the Poach Advantage adapts to your swing.

Thanks to this tech, players are able to exert maximum power when they swing hard while retaining superior control and feel when required. This balance makes the Poach Advantage unique in its own right.

Weight and Dimensions

The Poach Advantage comes at a standard weight range between 7.9 and 8.3 oz. This makes it fall in the mid to heavy category, giving this paddle that added bit of power absent in lighter paddles.

At a length of 16” the Advantage offers maximum reach, while a paddle width of 8” creates a larger sweet spot for more efficient shots.


With a grip length of 5” and a circumference of 4.125”, the Poach Advantage makes enough space for wrist action, allowing you to play more complicated shots whenever required.

Core and Surface

Most pickleball paddles use one or two layers of skin to cover the paddle surface. The Poach Advantage uses an astounding 6 layers, compressed to the same thickness as the regular two layers used in most paddles. The surface also comes with a unique pattern that optimizes ball responsiveness and feel.

The Poach Advantage uses what Engage calls the black polymer core, with properties that differ significantly from regular polymer cores. This core has been titled the ‘most advanced core in pickleball’.

The combination of this 6-layer skin and the black polymer core results in the ‘Variable Release Technology’ which allows the paddle to respond to the ball differently based on the player’s swing. As a result, the Poach Advantage is perfect for any playing style out there.


The surface of the Poach Advantage uses a unidirectional texture throughout, which improves ball retention and makes it a lot easier to put a lot of backspin and topspin on the ball. This characteristic of the paddle to ‘hold’ the ball longer before a return gives players an added advantage with ball control and placement.

And while most customers agree that the Poach Advantage suits every kind of player, some feel that this paddle should be used only after one develops an understanding of the game. Without an amateur-level understanding of pickleball, the benefits of the Poach Advantage can’t be fully experienced.

Prolite Magnum – Overall 4th Place

The Magnum Graphite is an industry-standard paddle that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate players looking for a high-quality paddle. The paddle is our overall 4th place pick in this review of pickleball paddles.

Power vs. Control

The Magnum Graphite from Prolite offers two extremities when it comes to power and control. The nomex honeycomb core offers superior hardness to give this paddle enough ‘pop’ to deflect and play power shots.

However, this paddle also happens to be extremely lightweight, allowing for superior maneuverability and feel. This lightweight combined with nomex core and graphite surface makes for a paddle with enough ‘pop’ and the ability to put a fair amount of topspin into your shots.

Weight and Dimensions

The Magnum weighs in at an incredible 6.6 to 7.5 oz, making it perhaps the lightest premium paddle in the market. This lightweight helps players learn a variety of nuanced shots with greater ease.

This lightweight is offset by a paddle length of 15½” and a width of 7⅞” which provides a large enough surface area to return shots while creating a tight sweet spot for added power.


At a length of 5¼”, the grip on the Magnum creates enough space for ample wrist action during shots and serves. The grip circumference of 4⅛” is just thick enough for players to grip onto the paddle with ease and play a wide variety of shots. The Magnum also comes with a perforated style cushion grip for added comfort during shots.

Core and Surface

The nomex honeycomb core offers plenty of pop while making this paddle extremely durable and solid. The surface of this paddle comes with a graphite face and a textured polycarbonate design, to maximize feel and responsiveness to the ball.


While the nomex honeycomb core offers plenty of pop, this paddle is primarily designed for feel and control, and the textured surface offers players the opportunity to put an ample amount of spin on the ball. This characteristic is supported by the superior responsiveness, allowing players to direct shots exactly where required.

Choose Your Paddle from this Review of Pickleball Paddles

Before you decide on a paddle, assess your experience and playing style.  If you’re a beginner looking to buy your first premium paddle, the Rally Tyro 2 might be just what you need.

More aggressive players would do well to use the Poach Advantage as it offers enough versatility to put the ball away without going off balance or losing position. On the other hand, those with a more controlled style of play may very well prefer the Encore Pro or Prince Response Pro.

But whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, or one of the top-ranked players in the world, most of the paddles on this list are perfectly suited to a variety of playing styles.

Once again, here is a final summary in this review of pickleball paddles.

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