As Pickleball has grown, so to have the gift options this holiday season.  We now can buy shoes specifically designed for Pickleball.  We also can choose to learn about Pickleball through an in depth video series since many destination clinics have been postponed due to COVID-19.  Fortunately, we can get some comic relief as a...
A few weeks ago, I paved an area in my backyard for my RV.  This space along with part of my driveway doubles as my practice court for pickleball.  The court is regulation length at 44 feet but only 12 feet wide rather than 20 feet wide.  It’s great for practice or a game of...
It’s Memorial Day weekend so the weather is perfect for Pickleball. With that being said, I realized I needed a new hat since this will be the first time I play Pickleball exclusively outdoors over the next few months.  After checking my closet, I found a few old Nike ball caps I used a few...
When I first started playing Pickleball, I’d just grab my paddle and go to the courts.  Balls were supplied by the facilities and the nets were already set up.  I didn’t really need a bag.  However, as I purchased shoes for playing indoor and outdoor, I needed to make sure I had the right shoes...
With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, I thought it would be good to create a list of Pickleball Gift Ideas.  I tried to stay away from the usual suspects of shoes, paddles, balls, and nets since we already have reviews on these items.  I also did not include really high priced items like Pickleball...

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